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StartedWednesday 06 of July, 2005
Days online7944
Total pageviews45951044
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Best daySunday 09 of December, 2018 (109809 pvs)
Worst daySunday 31 of July, 2005 (1 pvs)
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Wiki Pages9
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Average images per gallery20.20
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Average files per gallery8.00
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User bookmarks0
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Most viewed objects
HomePage wiki 1785362
Data for private use file gallery 863278
Funny stuff image gallery 459632
Millennium Series Rankings 2006 file gallery 439639
Millennium-Series Paris 2006 file gallery 356030
Tyrese-Jerome wiki 345369
Usefull Software file gallery 340837
Google-Maps wiki 329483
pic23319.jpg image 309785
cat-stressed.jpg image 309151
pic24426.jpg image 304045
god-accident.jpeg image 302338
pic04085.jpg image 299995
pic20968.jpg image 296769
mathe-arbeit.jpg image 294082
pic05306.jpg image 291283
pic08444.jpg image 284433
pic26623.jpg image 279593
pic27403.jpg image 278824
Bastard-Operator-From-Hell wiki 270407

Most viewed objects in the last 7 days
HomePage wiki 26946
Bastard-Operator-From-Hell wiki 21400
Tyrese-Jerome wiki 20663
Funny stuff image gallery 17663
UserPageadmin wiki 3554
Millennium-Series Paris 2006 file gallery 3414
Google-Maps wiki 2861
Kay-Werner wiki 1014
Usefull Software file gallery 371
pic26623.jpg image 306
pic08444.jpg image 290
pic03369.jpg image 284
pic23319.jpg image 207
Millennium Series Rankings 2006 file gallery 76
pic05306.jpg image 49
pic04085.jpg image 42
god-accident.jpeg image 37
mathe-arbeit.jpg image 33
pic20968.jpg image 33
pic27403.jpg image 30

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admin, 12:31 UTC, Fri 08 of Nov, 2019: Looks like Google AdSense started serving auto-placed ads here - interesting
admin, 01:48 UTC, Tue 11 of Sep, 2018: Some testing going on, so expect some funny results.
admin, 22:55 UTC, Tue 28 of Nov, 2017: Added the complete last ODP/DMOZ Dump for MySQL right now to download
admin, 21:57 UTC, Mon 19 of Jun, 2017: So, DMOZ seems off - latest dump here !
admin, 18:53 UTC, Tue 31 of May, 2016: I really wonder about the traffic since moved to a providers dedicated root server.
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