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StartedWednesday 06 of July, 2005
Days online6280
Total pageviews23958505
Average pageviews per day3815.05
Best dayMonday 11 of June, 2007 (69143 pvs)
Worst daySunday 31 of July, 2005 (1 pvs)
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Wiki Pages9
Size of Wiki Pages0.00866 Mb
Average page length962.22 bytes
Average versions per page27.78
Visits to wiki pages1393177
Orphan pages1
Average links per page1.44
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Average images per gallery20.20
Total size of images51.684744 Mb
Average image size511730.14 bytes
Visits to image galleries546141
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Average files per gallery8.00
Total size of files1.315472 Mb
Average file size0.05 Mb
Visits to file galleries516854
Blog Stats
Total posts0
Average posts per weblog0.00
Total size of blog posts
Average posts size0.00
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User Stats
User bookmarks0
Average bookmarks per user0.00

Most viewed objects
HomePage wiki 880798
Data for private use file gallery 863278
Usefull Software file gallery 253283
Millennium-Series Paris 2006 file gallery 143190
Funny stuff image gallery 134687
Tyrese-Jerome wiki 129331
Google-Maps wiki 126466
Millennium Series Rankings 2006 file gallery 120391
Pics out of my real life image gallery 110152
UserPageadmin wiki 88240
Kay-Werner wiki 77574
Bastard-Operator-From-Hell wiki 71185
god-accident.jpeg image 59868
StressDefense wiki 59212
DefCon wiki 56498
Artwork image gallery 55788
cat-stressed.jpg image 52609
pic05306.jpg image 49576
pic26623.jpg image 46281
pic09159.jpg image 44275

Most viewed objects in the last 7 days
HomePage wiki 6501
Tyrese-Jerome wiki 3700
Kay-Werner wiki 2780
Funny stuff image gallery 2150
Google-Maps wiki 1655
pic08444.jpg image 1433
pic20968.jpg image 1428
pic23319.jpg image 1307
god-accident.jpeg image 1214
pic04085.jpg image 1110
mathe-arbeit.jpg image 989
Bastard-Operator-From-Hell wiki 957
pic09159.jpg image 935
geilhörnchen.jpg image 913
pic05306.jpg image 910
pic26623.jpg image 885
Millennium Series Rankings 2006 file gallery 873
pic27403.jpg image 779
UserPageadmin wiki 703
pic24426.jpg image 703

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admin, 21:57 UTC, Mon 19 of Jun, 2017: So, DMOZ seems off - latest dump here !
admin, 18:53 UTC, Tue 31 of May, 2016: I really wonder about the traffic since moved to a providers dedicated root server.
admin, 22:36 UTC, Sun 13 of Sep, 2015: Cleaning & reactivating this thing here!
admin, 18:36 UTC, Wed 17 of Jul, 2013: Millennium list 2006 back working as well.
admin, 18:34 UTC, Wed 17 of Jul, 2013: ODP data is back to work now as well, need to tune the PHP scripts to PHP5.
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