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My geek code:

Version: 3.12
GIT d- s+:- a C++++ UL++> P+ L++ E W+++$ N- o? K- w O- M- V? PS+ PE Y+ PGP t+ 5++ X+ R tv- b- DI-- D++ G e h-- r++ y++

It might be not that actual anymore: I'm turning more and more into that geek stuff mrgreen

General info concerning the geek code you can find at: link

Test pic for remote rewrite images of a productive server (Hotlinking):

Testing .YouTube Iframe... seems to work ...:

Created by: admin last modification: Wednesday 20 of September, 2017 [21:18:53 UTC] by admin

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admin, 21:57 UTC, Mon 19 of Jun, 2017: So, DMOZ seems off - latest dump here !
admin, 18:53 UTC, Tue 31 of May, 2016: I really wonder about the traffic since moved to a providers dedicated root server.
admin, 22:36 UTC, Sun 13 of Sep, 2015: Cleaning & reactivating this thing here!
admin, 18:36 UTC, Wed 17 of Jul, 2013: Millennium list 2006 back working as well.
admin, 18:34 UTC, Wed 17 of Jul, 2013: ODP data is back to work now as well, need to tune the PHP scripts to PHP5.
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